People Have Been Killing Themselves

No, this is not about suicide.
This is worse than death.
People have been killing themselves.

Especially in this season filled with love that some are true and most are superficial.
People were looking for something that will satisfy their lifelong yearning.
They have been searching for that missing piece that will make them truly happy.
And most of them miserably failed.
That’s why they have been killing themselves.

I came into this realization when I was reading a story in the Bible when Paul and Silas were in prison.
They were praising God inside their cells when suddenly a strong earthquake shook the foundation of the place.
All the doors were unlocked and this woke up the jailer.
Seeing that he failed his job, he doesn’t see the sense of living anymore. So he drew his sword to take his own life when suddenly, a person INTERRUPTED, an ex-murderer, Paul.
Paul assured him that no one has escaped and that it’s not the end for him.
The jailer, trembling in fear, asked Paul how to be saved.
“Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household.”
The rest was history.

This story struck a different chord in me.
I realised that there are a lot of “jailers” in this world.
Millions of people are being overwhelmed by the reality that they are facing: failures, insecurity, disappointments, heartbreaks, and so many more bad things that happened to them and they just don’t see the sense of living anymore.

So they kill themselves.
With what?

They kill themselves with DRUGS, WRONG RELATIONSHIPS, IMMORALITY, GREED, COMPROMISE and all sorts of SIN.

They may not be taking their life but they are losing their soul.

Maybe big time, maybe slowly. But they are losing their soul.

It’s sad.

But it’s not hopeless.

That’s why we are here.

We need to INTERRUPT before they kill themselves! Not to commit suicide but to make a decision they might truly regret.

Maybe there’s a reason why you are a friend of someone who is depressed, someone who is heartbroken, someone who is losing hope, someone who was betrayed, someone who is suffering, someone who lost his family, or someone who is searching for answers.

Maybe you are there for a reason. And that reason is HOPE.

They need the message that you carry.

Before it’s too late.


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