Job 19:19 “All my intimate friends abhor me, and those whom I loved have turned against me.”

WHAT IF all of the important things you have are taken away from you? What if all of the people who are closest to you suddenly leaves you? What if life has plainly told you that you are hopeless and helpless what will you do?

It’s hard to imagine for all of these things to happen in us, especially when we are in plenty, but what if it does?

All of these situations are an understatement of what actually happened to a certain man named Job. All of his possessions were taken away from him in an instant. All of his children died suddenly from a disaster. His friends who are self-righteous are condemning him, that all throughout they were just trying to prove that Job is a wicked man. Even the love of his life, his wife, scorned him and told him to throw away the ONLY THING WHICH WAS NEVER TAKEN AWAY FROM HIM – his FAITH.

What can we learn from Job’s phenomenal job of keeping his faith?


It is possible to keep your faith even if the worst tragedy you can think of would come upon you. It is possible if your love for God is not just of emotion but of something far more potent, deeper and stronger.

How deep your love is for God will measure how you can withstand trials.

The tests in life are unavoidable but hope is affordable- it’s FREE.

God is our hope.

It sounds simple and convenient to say but it’s the truth. All our hope must be anchored in Him so that we will never sink no matter how tough the waves may

We know what happened to Job after his suffering. He was restored, redeemed, justified, got even more than what he had in the past, and his life proved that God is not absent in times of hardships.

For I know that my Redeemer lives, and at the last he will stand upon the earth. – Job 19:25



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