The Coin

A kid saw a short, old man with a long beard sitting in front of the bakery where he and his mom usually buy his favorite Ham N’ Cheese.
He asked the old man, “Hey sir, are you hungry?”
He replied in a weak voice, “Yes young man, I am starving. Do you have something that I can eat?”
“Hmmm… I’ll share you my favorite bread. Wait for me.” The kid answered.
So he went inside the bakeshop and bought two Ham N’ Cheese breads and gave it to the man.
“Here, it is the best that they have.” Then he sat down beside the poor man and they both ate their food.
After finishing his own, the old man asked the kid, “Thank you so much. Do you want anything in return?”
While munching he replied, “Ughhh. No. It’s free.”
“How about it if I give you wisdom? That’s the only thing I could give you. I have plenty of it and I want to share it to you.” Asked the man hoarsely.
“All right. Give me one.”
“Do you want to be the Greatest Man in the world?” He asked.
The boy smiled brightly and replied, “Of course! Like Superman! Or like super heroes!”

“Well, you are already one. Just do what you did. Everyday.”
“What? I don’t understand.”
“Of course you won’t. But someday you will.” The old man paused and looked straight at the kid. “If you want to be the greatest, SERVE. Serve with the best that you have.” He rummaged his dirty, tattered bag and brought out one simple coin that looks old and handed it to him and said, “Here is your wisdom, keep it safe and remember my words when you grow old.” Then he stood up and went on his way and disappeared at the nearest alley at his left.

13 years later, the kid found the coin in his cabinet and remembered all the words of the old man. He suddenly laughed because all this time he believed that the coin is called wisdom, but it was entirely something else. Something that has worth more than any kind of wealth or treasure.


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