It Is Not What You Think It Is

A teenager was enjoying his favorite brownie while walking at the park with his dog. As he opened another one, it slipped from his hands and it fell on the grass inches away under the dog’s butt. He picked it up because the wrapper was still covering the half of it, then savored it. He doesn’t have any idea that an old woman was watching him from a distance, and nothing could explain her disgust seeing a young man eating his dog’s poop.

We could be fully convinced about something but still end up wrong.

This is where the elements of misconception and prejudice come in.

Have you ever been judged or misunderstood? I’m quite sure you have been, even once in your life. Have you ever judged someone? Now that’s the question.

The problem with this world is that humans judge things way too easily.

Is it because of the Information Age, when lies are mixed in with the truths that you can just pick up a story somewhere on social media, then compel you to believe that it’s the truth?

Or is it just because we have been exposed with prejudice everywhere for the longest time now?

I think the reason is that we always want certainty. We don’t want to be left hanging without an answer that’s why we derive our own conclusions, which sometimes are correct, but sometimes wrong. Will it be worth the risk?

According to Sherlock Holmes, “It is a capital mistake to theorize before you have all the evidence. It biases the judgment.” (Excerpt From: Arthur Conan Doyle. “A Study in Scarlet.”)

If we are wrong with our judgment, not only that it has the capacity to hurt, it also builds a habit of being careless and imprudent with how we handle our thoughts.

It is better to search out deeper and be spared from embarassment than to judge things easily and be ashamed because of prejudice and misconception.

The hope that I want to extend is that this judgmental world could be a better place and we can support that hope by being someone who is careful and wise with our thinking about other people and certain situations.

Let us practice understanding one another instead of quickly jumping into conclusions and not doing anything about it.

Someone could be rude in how he speak maybe because he has been involved with people reckless with their words since he was young and no one corrected him when he imitated their way of speaking. Someone could be into drugs because of major depression. Someone could be going into different relationships because of a broken family. Their situations do not justify their actions but it gives us a motivation to try to understand and help them, not just judging them with the things that they do.

Let us leave any hint of hate and envy and embrace love and care towards one another by making an effort to understand what is the reason behind one’s questionable actions. Then this world would be a better place.


8 thoughts on “It Is Not What You Think It Is

  1. Super great read bro! A truth that is often neglected and yet disdained. Just one suggestion: might help to add a Bible verse, like one from Romans and 1Samuel, that verse where Samuel looked at the outward appearance. That as humans, we can always go wrong but we have another comforting truth we can hold on: at the end of the day, God is our Ultimate Judge, only He we really need to please (Col3:23). Anyhow, I get your point on understanding people. Perspectives! Perspectives! Perspectives!

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  2. Good read! A lot of people need to hear (technically, read) this message. We should always rely on the TRUTH, on what really HAPPENED and not on our own conclusions, judgments and gossip. These king of things can bind us to become gossipers and pessimists. Also, it can ruin our character by becoming a person who lacks compassion and understanding. We should always put ourselves in their shoes, to understand, and to love. The world doesn’t need judgmental people. What it needs is you and I having that heart of love which follows compassion, a mind of wanting the truth which follows understanding, and a mouth that speaks life which follows inspiration.

    Hope to hear more from you Kuya Allen.

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