Youth Rebellion

So many people are looking down at you, and they frown at you,

all because you are young and you are not expected to do something great.

And if you do, they wont expect it to linger,

They say you wont make an impact and nothing’s gonna change and be better.

Such low expectations bring the highest frustrations in the minds of mine and the others in line called “Youth.”

With all the underestimate, will you believe it? How will you live it?

Are you gonna be living what they are believing?

Or are you gonna be living what you are believing?

Because I’m gonna throw up of all the world’s blabbering,

I’m gonna stop stuttering,

I’m gonna speak up… No.

I’m gonna SHOUT OUT to all the Young People listen to this:

You are capable, skilled, and talented,

You have the potential, the capacity, and the ability.

Impossible is a fallacy,

Apathy is the catastrophe.

Deny all the lies of the enemy.

You are not inadequate!

Be an advocate of the Youth Rebellion

Against low expectations.

This is my invitation

To defy limitations,

To go beyond your imaginations.

Because it’s never too late

To do something great

For God, your country and your family.

It’s time to break mindsets of worthlessness, hopelessness, and uselessness.

You were made for a purpose: a destiny of greatness.

Inside you there lies dormant,

Unending ability to go beyond normal.

But the choice is still yours.

Are you gonna be living what they are believing?

Or are you gonna be rebelling against what they are expecting?

Fear not.

Because we can expect help

From our source of strength

Up above.

With God,

We can.

We are able.


One thought on “Youth Rebellion

  1. Great job bro! Looks like you’ve been inspired of one of my fabirite books, DO HARD THINGS, ehy? Overall, it’s inspiring, the tone of your voicem the choice of words is impeccable. One thing you need to work on is the ending, you have to make it more wordy up to a point that you really sound fighting for a revolution

    Liked by 1 person

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