Source Of Hope

Hope is such a dangerous thing… lethal even. How can I say that? Because it killed something in me when it didn’t meet my expectations. I could still vividly remember the time that I hoped for a change, for a better life. It was a good feeling to be hopeful, to be optimistic, because it brings such a warm feeling of joy, expecting your hope to bear fruit.

There is a strange dose of happiness in you while waiting for tomorrow, that something good will happen.

But what if the complete opposite happens?

What if your hope fails you?

Just like in my case, I was hoping for something but nothing came. I was like a child expecting to go to Disneyland tomorrow but suddenly my mom tells me we wont go, a student expecting a high grade on a subject but fails instead, an employee expecting a promotion but gets fired instead.

It was so painful; it left me broken, frustrated, and ultimately, hopeless. I asked, “Is this it? Is this the end?”

Is it?


A great revelation stumbled upon me when I realized that I missed a significant detail that would turn everything upside down. There’s nothing wrong with hoping or hope itself. My huge mistake is that I have put my hope in the wrong place, and the wrong person. I hoped in myself.

I trusted my own abilities, not knowing that I could put it in Someone far more reliable and capable, the One who never had a record of failing someone’s hope- God.

He is the most powerful, the most compassionate, the One who loves unconditionally. When I put my faith (which I think is the twin brother of hope) in Him, my life changed.

Right now, I can say that I am whole, restored, and most importantly, hopeful. I wont be afraid to face the future because my hope is in the One who will never fail me.

How about you? Where is your hope? Where, or to whom is it placed?


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