I was in the middle of nowhere… literally. Everything was completely black, but my eyes were open, so I tried to blink but nothing changes. No light, no sound, no smell and no sense of touch. I tried to run, hoping for a clue of escape, but there was none. I tried different directions, but it was futile. I wonder how long would I be able to keep up with this situation.

After timeless running, I was gassed out. I lied down, filled with anxiety and sadness. What is the point of this void? Is there any meaning with existence itself? Why is this life being sustained? I think this is a blunder of the one who set this up.

When all hope was lost, a hint of light appeared. It was refreshing. Being soaked in darkness took its toll on me. I followed the glow and it’s getting bigger. Slowly per each step, I was cherishing that blaze penetrating deep into my soul. Then a sound of rushing water was heard, along with the rustling of leaves, chirping of the birds and then I felt the warmth of the sun. I found myself drenched in that blinding light with the wind embracing me. With my vision still obscured, I was not able to clearly see what is around me. Even so, I am glad with this if compared to that nothingness.

My senses are slowly coming back. Then I fully realized, this is not what it is, there’s still more to it, in existence itself.

I was hopeless. My existence has no meaning nor purpose. I have nowhere to go. But all of that was before I found The Light, or should I say, before The Light found me.

From now on, I will follow this Light for the rest of my life.


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