Beautiful Detours

Once there was a fox who decided to go to the forest to collect food. But before he arrived there, he met a wolf resting on a rock, injured and screaming in pain. He immediately went to the wolf and asked him what’s wrong.

The wolf replied, “My foot slipped on the sharp edge of a rock while chasing my prey, and now it hurts that much I cant walk by myself.”

“Wait here my friend and I’ll gather some healing herbs to tend to your wound.”

He came back and tended the wounds of the wolf.

“Just wait for an hour and it will be good enough for you to be able to walk. So while waiting, tell me your story.” Said the fox to the wolf.

The wolf told the fox the story of his life. The fox did the same. They laughed together, agreed and debated one another, but at the end of it all, they became good friends and the wolf was able to walk home by himself.

It was already night and the fox, while on his way home, remembered what he was supposed to do but it was already dark so he can’t collect food anymore.

He came home empty-handed. But he did not regret anything.

We sometimes lose track of what we are supposed to do and go on detours.

But detours are beautiful, especially if it would help someone.


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